FHS has a pedigree in the hose supply sector that goes back to the 1970s. The company in its current incarnation began trading under the name FHS Motor Racing in 1982. It rapidly became a key supplier of flexible hoses, rigid tubes, filtration systems, solenoid valves, high temperature ducting and other components for the motorsport industry. Today it is the global market leader for both the Formula 1 and World Rally Championship series.

FHS is an official distributor of TITEFLEX – another trusted name in the sector. The company is also fully approved for the assembly of fittings onto TITEFLEX hoses. To assemble an end product, FHS uses a unique swaging process to attach fittings to the hoses. This is an aerospace industry-approved joining technique that is extremely well suited to the demanding motorsport environment.

Based in Berkshire in the South East of England, FHS currently employs 32 staff at its manufacturing facility. Managing director Peter Hughes oversees operations and manages the dedicated team that includes a chief designer, supported by six experienced designers, production manager, quality control manager, customer service executives and administrative staff.


Over time, FHS has seen an increasing interest in its products from spheres outside of the world of motor racing. Consequently, it is becoming a growing force in a number of other sectors, including defence, marine and other mission-critical environments.

FHS ISO Accreditations



Having acquired an extensive knowledge base in design and manufacture of fluid transfer applications, FHS utilises this intelligence to create cost-effective and innovative solutions for all their customers in high performance industries.