The company’s overriding goal is to bring intelligence to the fluid transfer market. To do this successfully, customer service is FHS’s cornerstone. Listening to the many and varied demands of clients is what enables FHS to offer intelligent products. FHS helps clients to find the best solution from an engineering perspective but also to create the smallest and most lightweight products possible. In a Formula 1 car, space restrictions and weight are the critical criteria and FHS prides itself on offering solutions that enable race teams to achieve a low centre of gravity, which improves the car’s handling. These teams rely on FHS to meet their detailed and specific demands. This is not about simply about allowing fluid to pass from one point to another: it’s about providing a system that is small, light and, most importantly, reliable.

With unparalleled experience and ongoing innovation, FHS is one of the most trusted names in the fluid transfer industry.


It is not just FHS’s technology that customers trust; it is also the company’s customer service. In all the markets that FHS operate in, confidentiality is crucial. Whatever is discussed with FHS remains with FHS. Such discretion is central to FHS’s operations and the company has confidentiality agreements in place with most customers. Anything that FHS’s clients do to give them a competitive advantage in the performance of their vehicle, remains in-house. The company would never discuss specific solutions it has designed with a third party and customers know they can trust the company to deliver the ultimate fluid transfer products and to do so in the strictest confidence.


FHS has received ISO 14001 certification as well as ISO 9001 approval. It is noteworthy that a motorsport supplier is reaching the ISO 14001 standard as motorsport is one of the few industries where environmental impact has not yet been a huge priority. By its nature, racing cars around a track is far from being ‘green’, so suppliers such as FHS can have a big impact in pioneering more environmentally sound manufacturing processes.



Having acquired an extensive knowledge base in design and manufacture of fluid transfer applications, FHS utilises this intelligence to create cost-effective and innovative solutions for all their customers in high performance industries.