FHS is constantly striving to create a range of products that perfectly suit the applications its clients are working with. For motorsport, this means assessing how teams are trying to develop their car and responding to their specific requests to tailor the ideal solution.

Research and development does not stop when a product is initially created; it is very much an ongoing process. FHS personnel employ some of the brightest technical minds in the industry and they work with race teams to modify and improve systems as a season progresses. Naturally, FHS is also extremely future focused. Its R&D has to be anticipatory in its approach, whichever market it is operating in – the company is always looking ahead to the next challenge to see what it can offer its clients that nobody else can.

FHS’s R&D is not just lab-based. It is determined by real-world requests, experience and results. To maintain a race team’s leading edge, FHS has to be flexible and fast when it comes to the constant development needed throughout a season.



Having acquired an extensive knowledge base in design and manufacture of fluid transfer applications, FHS utilises this intelligence to create cost-effective and innovative solutions for all their customers in high performance industries.