To complement our mainstream products we have established a comprehensive range of supporting components:

Quick Disconnects: Staubli, Symmetrics and Snap–Tite

Flexible Couplings and clamps: Hydraflow and Wiggins.

High Temperature Sleeving: We can provide many different types of sleeving in silicone, aluminized Kevlar® or Peek plus shrink sleeve Raychem DR25.

Flexible Ducting: An extensive range of flexible ducting products for on-car or pit equipment applications. Manufactured from silicone or neoprene in addition to high temperature fabrics.

Risbridger filling equipment.

LASER MARKING: We provide a bespoke laser marking facility to suit customer applications on all kinds of metals, including stainless steel, titanium and aluminium including anodised. Maximum workable size is 100mm cube or diameter.


For full specification and dimensions of any product please click the links below or go to "Downloads" section.


Swivel Banjos



Design Guides



We are connecting people. Our roots are in fluid transfer and have been since the seventies. As our experience and knowledge of different applications has increased and our understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques improved, so we have broadened our horizons. The same goal, however, has always been in sight – to apply this intelligence in the most cost-effective and innovative manner for our customers, in whichever sector we are working.