In the rarified atmosphere of top level motorsport and other industries requiring similar levels of aerospace quality machining, FHS prides itself on the standard of its output. Whether your requirement is make to print or for us to create an engineered solution, we are fully equipped to assist.

In the quest to further reduce delivery times on bespoke parts, we offer 3D prototype printing to help reach that solution quicker. Employing the strictest quality control measures, this is the final R&D piece in the production jigsaw.

• Prototype Parts
• Production Parts
• Full & Sub Assemblies



We are connecting people. Our roots are in fluid transfer and have been since the seventies. As our experience and knowledge of different applications has increased and our understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques improved, so we have broadened our horizons. The same goal, however, has always been in sight – to apply this intelligence in the most cost-effective and innovative manner for our customers, in whichever sector we are working.