It is during this manufacturing process that Swagetite, FHS’s unique joining method, comes into its own. The make-up of a Formula 1 car, for instance, consists of long lengths of titanium small-bore tubing that run the length of the car and carry hydraulic fluid for applications such as braking and hydraulic actuation.

FHS is able to bend these titanium tubes into whatever size is needed for a specific car so that the tubes can be incorporated into the structure of the car as it is being built. At each end of the tube there is a short length of flexible tube: Swagetite is what joins the hose to the tube.

Swagetite is a mechanical locking system that joins the two components together and makes for a small, lightweight and incredibly reliable end structure. Compared to the only alternative way of joining these two components – welding - Swagetite is utterly revolutionary. It is no wonder then, that F1 teams are so impressed by this approach.



We are connecting people. Our roots are in fluid transfer and have been since the seventies. As our experience and knowledge of different applications has increased and our understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques improved, so we have broadened our horizons. The same goal, however, has always been in sight – to apply this intelligence in the most cost-effective and innovative manner for our customers, in whichever sector we are working.